Deep Brain Chain team exit scams, leaves “We scammed you” message on telegram

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) was an ICO (initial coin offering) done in 2017. It promised to become first artificial intelligence computing platform driven by blockchain.

While DBC team kept users waiting for mining machines and never delivered their product, we didn’t expect them to write “we scammed you” on their official telegram page.

Some say that Deep Brain Chain‘s telegram was probably hacked, but they won’t fix it for weeks since no development is happening anyway. Developers are probably lying on the beach giving zero heed while the price is down 99% cause they sold the top.

deep brain chain medium

But to us, it looks like a real exit scam since their articles on Medium have been deleted except for a single article which says “We’ve stolen your money” “Sorry AIM buyers. No news of your hardware anywhere. It’s just the way it’s gone unfortunately.”

Funny thing is DBC token is still being traded on Huobi which claims to be listing genuine projects. We wonder what Huobi exchange thinks about this.