BREE token exit scams – How to withdraw LINK from CoinBreeder

The latest one to rug pull is BREE token. BREE webiste, telegram and support email, all are down, as expected. Keep in mind that you can still withdraw your LINK tokens at

bree token exit scams

It’s like people forget that most of these projects launch after only weeks to months of work. There’s not the much investment and they don’t give any heed about pulling the plug. They’re just gonna do the same thing again. Hopefully, rug-pullers will enjoy their money shortly and then karma will hit them unexpected.

How you can withdraw LINK from CoinBreeder

Open this contract on etherscan. Fill the field _tokenAddress (address) in “1. ActiveFarmDeposit” with the Chainlink Contract Address: 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca and copy your wallet address in “_user (address). Click on “Query” and copy the value of _activeDeposit beneath the _user (address) field

Now go to this etherscan link. Connect your Meta Mask via the “Connect to Web3” link. Navigate to 15. WithdrawFarmedTokens and paste the Chainlink Contract Address: 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca into the _tokenAddress field

Paste the value you copied when you clicked on “Query”. Click on “Write” and execute the transaction and your LINK will be withdrawn on a successfull transaction.

We have been covering a lot of UNISWAP scams lately. The main reason why there have been so many rug pulls on UNISWAP is because whales and developers can exit scam and dump their worthless tokens on naïve UNISWAP users without getting caught. There is no KYC (know your customer) / AML on UNISWAP which is a real decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The latest one to rug pull is BREE token. Stay safe out there.


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