Chain Bridge lets you interact with Ethereum DeFi

Chain Bridge developers allow you to transfer assets that let you gain DeFi capability on Ethereum Classic. This means all Ethereum decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and 1inch exchange allow you to swap Ethereum Classic in form of WETC with any other supported ERC20 token or even Ethereum. 

chain bridge ethereum classic

To give it a try, visit ChainBridge token swap page here and connect to Metamask. Select destination network, amount that you wish to send and destination address. Once you have done that, click on start transfer. Once transfer is complete, ETC will be converted to WETC and will behave just like any other Ethereum token and will have same value as non-wrapped Ethereum Classic

If you want to convert back, you can unwrap WETC and convert bring your Ethereum Classic back to ETC network. 

This will give Ethereum Classic much needed exposure on Uniswap and 1inch decentralized exchanges that are fast growing in terms of popularity. All transactions on these exchanges are done directly from your wallet and nothing is stored on exchange. Everything is executed according to code given in smart contracts that are viewable by anyone on any Ethereum explorer like Etherscan.