Ethereum Classic hard fork to change mining algorithm to ETC Hash

Ethereum Classic is going to a hard fork at block 11,700,000, November 29th 2020. This hard fork is being called Thanos. No extra coin is expected to be created as everyone seems to be happy with this hard fork.

Ethereum Classic hard fork

The ETC Hash mining algorithm will allow 3GB and 4GB GPU to resume mining Ethereum Classic, which is currently not possible. So, if you are a miner mining ETC, make sure to check whether your miner supports this Ethereum Classic fork.

Most developers have churned out updates to their miners to make them compatible with this upcoming Ethereum Classic hard fork.

We recommend using Nanominer from nano pool. Make sure you’ve upgraded to atleast 1.12 to ensure you are not mining the wrong chain. Doing so will result in chain split and since you will be mining the unsupported chain, you might mine unsupported coins that are worthless.

This is a great news for Ethereum Classic. By allowing more miners to mine will help improve the hashrate making the main chain more resistant to 51% attacks.

Download latest version of Nanominer from their github. Here is changelog of latest version of Nanominer:

Octopus algorithm (Conflux) performance improvements for Nvidia GPUs:
+1% performance improvement on Pascal arch (10xx);
+10% performance improvement on Turing arch (16xx, 20xx);
+1.5% performance improvement on Ampere arch (30xx).
Nicehash support was added for Octopus algorithm.