Uniswap v2 exchange is now live

Uniswap team is thrilled to announce Uniswap V2 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainet. Today, Uniswap team is releasing a liquidity migration portal to make the process of withdrawing liquidity from Uniswap V1 and depositing it into Uniswap V2 incredibly fast and simple.

uniswap v2 website

You can easily migrate your liquidity now at http://migrate.uniswap.exchange.

Uniswap team is also releasing an updated Uniswap interface. Designed to work with Uniswap V2, the interface now supports trading, providing liquidity, and creating liquidity pools for direct ERC20 / ERC20 pairs.  Use it now at http://uniswap.exchange

Uniswap V2 analytics are now available on http://Uniswap.info. Track liquidity, volume, prices and more for all tokens and pairs on Uniswap V2. Migration analytics can be tracked at http://migrate.uniswap.info

Uniswap V2 has many new features and technical improvements compared with Uniswap V1 including:

* ERC20 / ERC20 Pairs
* Price Oracles
* Flash Swaps and much more

Developers can begin integrating and building on Uniswap V2 immediately. Documents are available at http://uniswap.org/docs/v2.

Finally, Uniswap would not be possible without its incredible community of users, contributors, and developers. For any questions, or just to get involved, their team highly recommend joining the Uniswap community discord server.