Saturn Network Review – True Decentralized exchange for ETH and ETC tokens

saturn network review

Saturn Network is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) tokens directly from your wallet. The coins never leave you wallet so there are no chances of getting your funds stolen. This is one of the few true decentralized exchanges out there.

Saturn Network has been around from quite sometime now and has offered rock solid, stable performance.

To get started, we suggest installing metamask on your computer. If you are on mobile, you can fire up in Trust wallet or any other DAPP compatible wallet.

Saturn Network is also the only decentralized exchange that lets you trade Etheruem Classic tokens. Ethereum Classsic ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and more and more deploying their DAPS on ETC blockchain.

saturn network atomic swap

Recently, they introduced Atomic Swaps that let you instantly swap from one token to another. This helps solving liquidity issues as it makes use of other decentralized exchanges and provides automated token listings.  

Here is video review done by one of cryptocoindaddy authors.

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