BlockScout shutting down Ethereum Classic hosting in January 2020

BlockScout shutting down

BlockScout, one of the most popular Ethereum Classic blockchain explorers, has announced on twitter that it will shut down hosting of Ethereum Classic and Ethereum hosting soon.

Ethereum Classic hosting will shut down by end of January 2020 while Etheruem hosting will continue till mid of February 2020.

BlockScout will be providing database dumps for public access.

BlockScout is a part of POA network that has contributed to Ethereum Classic network in many ways.

Mainnet BlockScout is over 9 tera bytes for full archive node and database. Pair that with three heavy instances and anyone will struggle to pay for hosting.

Ethereum Classic instance will not go down as ETC Cooperative has announced that it will keep supporting ETC instance.

ETC Cooperative is going to be running ETC, Kotti and Mordor explorer instances in collaboration with POA, Zac, to pick up the slack.

Hopefully, some entity in Ethereum land will do the same for the ETH chains.