Poa Network releases Nifty Wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Nifty Wallet is a fork of MetaMask that is focused on speed and usability of real world applications. Available for download for Chrome, Firefox Edge and Opera, Nifty Wallet has support for both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains.

poa network

Nifty Wallet is already available for download via Chrome store. (update – Google has removed it from store as it thinks that Nifty Wallet does not complies with their program policies. So, we suggest users to install the plugin / extension directly from their official github.

The only downside on not having Nify wallet on Chrome store is inability to use it in dApps on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Nifty Wallet is otherwise quite feature rich. It has full support for setting gas price oracles for both ethereum and ethereum classic. The team at Poa Network has been adding plethora features at every release.

# (Feature) Add native support of Görli testnet
# (Feature) HitBTC exchange for core POA network
# (Feature) Delegate Proxy contract type (EIP-897)
# (Feature) Simultaneous support of Trezor and Ledger HD wallets
# (Feature) Support of multiple accounts from Trezor HD wallet for single session
# (Feature) Multiple Ledger accounts for one session
# (Feature) Textarea instead of input for array type outputs in contract calls
# (Update) Change exchange rate API endpoint