OmiseGO Public Alpha Announced, achieves 2700 TPS

OmiseGO team has churned out alpha release of the OMG network to the public. The team has named this network ARI which means hospitable in Thai language. Users are suggested to download and try it out.

omisego network

This variant of OmiseGO network supports full plasma life cycle – deposits, transfers, exits, and in-flight exits. Here is the best part – they were able to achieve >2700 TPS in their tests.

Keep in mind that OmiseGO network is still in Alpha stage and there could be bugs here and there. Some of bugs have been patched but not implemented in this release.

Download the OmiseGO network alpha release from here. It contains links to announcements, documentation and other things to help you get started integrating with and developing for the network.

On a side note, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum also mentioned OmiseGO in his latest interview. When asked about the progress of OmiseGO and its Plasma release, this is what he had to say (at 39:16).

I think it’s definitely great that they are making a lot of progress. And I think technologically, and I’ve told them this, that these flavors of Plasma that require users to download everything in the Plasma chain aren’t really the best approach to take, and I think flavors like Plasma Cash and Cash Flow are better because instead of being O of N for users they are O of Login so you can have users run like Bug browser extensions to verify Plasma blocks. And I’ve talked to them about this and they seem like interested in upgrading to those other flavors of Plasma over time which is, I think, great.