Value DeFi co-founder is paid actress on Fiverr

A lot of people like to earn extra money on websites like Fiverr but you would not expect to see a co-founder of a multi-million dollar asset on Fiverr. This was discovered by Crypto Bethany on twitter, who said that co-founder is an actress you can easily find on twitter.

value defi

This stirred up debate on Value DeFi’s discord where one of developers said that one of the developers go by name of Anna Tanika as their online alias so Value DeFi developers hired real Anna from Fiverr.

Well, unfortunately, the fiverr actor name is not Anna, it is Shan. We feel their developer team should have done some more research before coming up with aforementioned statement.

This also proves that Value DeFi has fake team members which are not new in cryptocurrency world. One might argue that she just changed her career path from being a video creator on fiverr and decided to build a DeFi protocol but let’s be honest, that is highly unlikely.

Right now, at time of writing, total marketcap of Value DeFi is 850 million dollars, which also explains current state of cryptocurrency market.