DeFi projects will be listed on Binance Innovation Zone

Binance has been listing DeFi projects at insane speeds and they have released that there are many users that want to trade safe markets which have been around from a while. There are still quite a lot that want to trade these projects with very high volatility and those will be able to trade them in the new Binance Innovation Zone.

Binance Innovation Zone

What does this mean for the existing projects? Well, those new DeFi projects will be moved to this Binance Innovation Zone to keep naive users safe.

Most of the DeFi projects have anonymous founders so if something goes wrong, Binance gets a bad rep. So, the users trading in Binance Innovation Zone should be aware of such risks.

So yes, Binance will continue to list DeFi projects to stay ahead of other cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to gain access to this Binance Innovation Zone? Well, for this, you will have to answer two important questions.

First – how must loss to your principle capital are you ready to take in this Binance Innovation Zone? There are two options – 50% or more and “less than 50%”. Second, question is taking responsibility while trading on Binance Innovation Zone.