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TenX cards are dead: PAY price tanking

tenx cards dead

Wavecrest, the issuer of TenX card has sent emails to TenX users that their cards are no longer useable. This also affects other companies that use Wavecrest service and that includes Wirex, Bitpay and Crypopay. TenX is a Visa Prepaid card and starting today, it will no longer function. However, the funds stored in the e-wallet will remain accessible as they are handled by the wallet provider. This caused a lot of panic in the already depressing price of the TenX’s token, PAY which runs on Ethereum blockchain.


EtherDelta removes controversial post about token delisting


EtherDelta got under new ownership last month and ever since, it has been taking quite controversial decisions. Yesterday, it rolled out a blog post where it says that it will be removing most of the listed tokens to give EtherDelta ICO a purpose. The blog post has since been removed but another post was posted earlier today which says that in order for a project/token to be listed on EtherDelta, it must have equivalent amount of EDT tokens which must be between 0.1% ~ 3% f the project’s total market value at time of listing. This new policy is not required for any tokens that has already been listed on EtherDelta.


EtherDelta ICO overview: EDT Token – Ether Delta ICO Details

etherdelta ico review

EtherDelta is under new ownership and the new owners are doing their best to raise funds to improve EtherDelta’s (damaged) reputation in many ways. The decentralized exchange was recently hacked where funds of many people were lost. The hacker was able to claim millions in Ether and so far, EtherDelta team has been mum about refunds which has further angered its users. With the new EtherDelta ICO, the team is offering EDT token. You can purchase the EDT token with Ethereum and with one ETH, you get 8500 EDT tokens.


Decentrex shutting down on 30 December 2017: How to withdraw tokens / Ethereum from Decentrex

decentrex exchange

Decentrex, a fork of EtherDelta will be closing its doors forever on 30th December 2017. For many, Decentrex was EtherDelta clone with better user interface but due to low volume, low traffic and high Ethereum network fees, Decentrex has decided to shutdown. So if you have tokens and Ethereum stored on Decentrex, withdraw them as soon as possible. It is possible to withdraw the tokens after 30th December as well by using Decentrex’s smart contract ABI on MyEtherWallet.


EtherDelta hacked, notifies users but not host

etherdelta hack

EtherDelta has just made it official on their twitter and reddit accounts that there was a hack that involved forwarding users to a fake website. The motive of the hack is to let users log-in using their ethereum account and steal their funds. So we urge the Etherdelta traders not to visit the website until the issue is resolved. You can follow EtherDelta’s twitter account for staying updated or this article that will be updated once the site is safe again.


Kin Wallet in Kik app available to small set of users

kin wallet

Kin Foundation has churned out their first Kin wallet which will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrency with other users. This experience has been temporarily limited to 10,000 Kik power users. This has been done because of scalability issues with Ethereum as Crypto Kitties, a Dapp that runs on Ethereum blockchain has slowed down entire network and negatively affected the user experience. The wallet runs on Ethereum blockchain and all transactions are logged as well.


RCN and Kyber Network Partnership: Kyber Network to provide conversion services to RCN

RCN and Kyber Network Partnership

RCN has undergone partnership with Kyber Network. RCN promises to improve world’s access to digital payment alternatives. RCN is a peer-to-peer global credit protocol that uses cosigned smart contracts to connect lenders and borrowers anywhere on the globe on any currency. This has the potential to democratize and grow the digital economy by increasing credit access for borrowers, neutralizing default risk for lenders, and reducing asymmetric information between network agents. This will help improve livelihood of children.


Monaco token now trading on BigOne, EXX, Huobi, OkEx and Upbit

Monaco token

Monaco tokens are now being traded on five new new crypto currency exchanges which includes BigOne, EXX, Huobi, OkEx and Upbit. This will increase the liquidity and access of the Monaco’s MCO token to more than 5 million new users. The Monaco token is already being traded on Bittrex, Binance, EtherDelta, Liqui, Livecoin, and YoBit. You can already trade, deposit and withdraw Monaco tokens on the new exchanges.


ObizCoin is a scam: Obiz coin is yet another scam ICO – Obizcoin review

obizcoin scam

Looks like India is brimming with fake / scam projects and ICOs. Meet the Obizcoin, which is currently doing a pre-ICO to scam and take money of innocent people. This cryptocurrency scam is being carried out by an Indian duo who live in Pune, a city in India. Rupal Agarwal, listed as the founder has never done a single blockchain related work in her life and same can be said about the second founder, Varun Shah, who completed his education in 2010. He has no experience in computers.


LoyalCoin, an ERC20 token backed by NEM President: LoyalCoin ICO

loyalcoin logo

It seems that NEM has joined hands with a project called LoyalCoin which is based in Philippines. LoyalCoin is a project that will be replacing existing loyalty program, point service in Japan with blockchain technology. This type of project is definitely not the first but such kind of project is first one to get into partnership with NEM. A lot of NEM people are mentioned as advisors in the LoyalCoin project which includes President, Regional Head of South East Asia, Global Director for Partnerships and Council Member of NEM foundation.