Poloniex removing most XMR and ETH trading pairs

Poloniex has announced that it would be removing 23 trading pairs, mostly constituting XMR (Monero) and ETH based pairs. This includes LTC / XMR, DASH / XMR, ZEC / XMR, MAID / XMR, NXT / XMR, BCN / XMR, LSK / ETH, GNT / ETH, MANA / ETH, QTUM / ETH, STEEM / ETH, OMG / ETH, LOOM / ETH, SNT / ETH, CVC / ETH, KNC / ETH, GAS / ETH, BNT / ETH, LOOM / USDT, SNT / USDT, KNC / USDT, BNT / USDT and FOAM / USDC.


Poloniex says that it is removing them due to lack of volume which is evident since both Monero and Ethereum have taken an extreme nose drive in terms of value. The exchange has made it clear that each coin or token will continue to be independently tradeable.

This means the coin or token is not being delisted on Poloniex – just the XMR or ETH trading pairs. A lot of users have been moving to USD-based pairs or BTC due to high bitcoin dominance and less trading is being scene with XMR or ETH pairs.