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Tron ERC20 token to mainnet transfer FAQ

tron erc20 mainnet

Tron aka TRX will be moving to mainnet. In this process, your Tron’s TRX tokens will be moved to Tron’s new mainnet. This swap will happen in month of June. For this, you will have to move your TRX ERC20 tokens to an exchange for migration. But what if you are not able to move them on time?


BMW has not partnered with CarVertical

carvertical bmw lies

CarVertical, an ERC20 Ethereum token claimed that they have undergone partnership with the BMW group. This happened few days back and rose the CarVertical token’s price from 0.0025 dollars to 0.005 dollars within 3 hours. However, today, the BMW confirmed on twitter that they do NOT have any partnership with BMW. This is exactly how you destroy your corporate reputation. BMW tweeted, “BMW has not entered into a cooperation/partnership with CarVertical. The company is using our BMW CarData interface available to any third party.”


Kyber Network Exchange Whitelist form is live: Sign up now to get early access

Kyber Network Exchange Whitelist form

Kyber Network is one of the most awaited decentralized exchanges of 2018 and today, they have announced on twitter that they are now accepting registrations for the mainnet launch of their cryptocurrency exchange. The whitelist is limited to only a few participants right now since the exchange is still in pilot mode. So if you want to be one of the lucky people to get whitelisted, make sure to fill the form to be the first to try it.


How to claim EtherZero coins? Get ETZ coins from myetherwallet – ETZ Wallet

Want to claim those free EtherZero ETZ coins/tokens? This article will help you to claim them using You will be setting up a custom node and then send those coins to a supported exchange where you can trade ETZ. If you just want to check the balance, visit and enter your ethereum wallet address. It will then show you the amount of EtherZero you can claim.


Tron TRX team caught copying pasting codes from Ethereum Github

tron logo

Earlier, the Tron TRX team was caught for plagiarizing white paper and today, they were caught again with copying and pasting codes. They even forgot to credit anyone and then tried to hide it but got caught to hide it. The TRON runs on Ethereum blockchain and simply copied code from ethereum’s official github to their github without crediting the original project. The Tron team has deleted the link to the copied file but here is the original ethereum file link.


TenX cards are dead: PAY price tanking

tenx cards dead

Wavecrest, the issuer of TenX card has sent emails to TenX users that their cards are no longer useable. This also affects other companies that use Wavecrest service and that includes Wirex, Bitpay and Crypopay. TenX is a Visa Prepaid card and starting today, it will no longer function. However, the funds stored in the e-wallet will remain accessible as they are handled by the wallet provider. This caused a lot of panic in the already depressing price of the TenX’s token, PAY which runs on Ethereum blockchain.


EtherDelta removes controversial post about token delisting


EtherDelta got under new ownership last month and ever since, it has been taking quite controversial decisions. Yesterday, it rolled out a blog post where it says that it will be removing most of the listed tokens to give EtherDelta ICO a purpose. The blog post has since been removed but another post was posted earlier today which says that in order for a project/token to be listed on EtherDelta, it must have equivalent amount of EDT tokens which must be between 0.1% ~ 3% f the project’s total market value at time of listing. This new policy is not required for any tokens that has already been listed on EtherDelta.


EtherDelta ICO overview: EDT Token – Ether Delta ICO Details

etherdelta ico review

EtherDelta is under new ownership and the new owners are doing their best to raise funds to improve EtherDelta’s (damaged) reputation in many ways. The decentralized exchange was recently hacked where funds of many people were lost. The hacker was able to claim millions in Ether and so far, EtherDelta team has been mum about refunds which has further angered its users. With the new EtherDelta ICO, the team is offering EDT token. You can purchase the EDT token with Ethereum and with one ETH, you get 8500 EDT tokens.