The War of Morale NFT game is a total disaster

NFT is hottest thing in cryptocurrency world right now, but not all NFT games require NFT assets. Largest NFT collection of world leaders, appropriately called The Presidents has announced new game, The War of Morale. In the game, users will earn a governance token that will give them the power to vote and do decision-making of future Presidents. Most of the NFT games that we have come across so far, do not even require NFTs.

The War of Morale

They are all just milking the concept behind NFT and making NFTs of anything and everything. In this game, The War of Morale, the avatars reside on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and each can be minted for 0.3 BNB. The price of 1BNB hovers around $600 dollars so you are paying close to whopping $200 for an NFT which is useless.

The gameplay is a disaster. The concept behind The War of Morale is a total disaster.

You can make use of metamask wallet to mint the token. Visit, horribly designed portal, which asks you to connect your metamask wallet immediately upon visiting. Why would you want to connect your wallet to an unknown webpage?

The one saving grace is Binance Smart Chain. Atleast, you will not be paying exorbitant fees like you do on Ethereum.

Each President has a skill set that gives them different levels of attack, defense, diplomacy and luck. It is possible for two players to play against each other. For this, they must have similar Morale levels that range from 100-unlimited. Morale levels can be regenerated in 10 minutes but it can also take upto 24 hours. If you want to accelerate recovery, you must support the President. Presidents face off against each other on digital battlefield. All this could have been done without the NFT narrative.

The War of Morale nft game

Just like Morale, skill level range from 50-5000 units. There are 246 traits, all of which are created by AI. Due to this, every single President’s NFT is rare and unique piece of art. Every single NFT has different sunglasses, lazer eyes, clothes and so on. As mentioned earlier, the game makes use of Binance Smart Chain, which has much lower fees compared to Ethereum.

But, that alone is not enough to save the game. The War of Morale can easily do without an NFT, like most NFT games. Unfortunately, naïve users will fall into trap and spend their hard earned money on useless NFT assets. Better save for grumpy monkey NFT.