Port Ethereum NFT to Cardano using Bondly platform bridge

A bridge has been released by Bondly platform developers that allows NFT creators to move their NFTs from Ethereum to Cardano. This makes it an ecofriendly alternative as Ethereum still uses PoW (proof of work) for confirming transactions whereas Cardano is 100% PoS (proof of stake) blockchain.

nft bridge cardano ethereum

In other words, Cardano is million times more efficient than Bitcoin and much greener than Ethereum. IOHK and Bondly partnership will allow NFT creators to a leading solution that does not bug environment friendly users.

We feel that creation of NFT bridge, bswap.app/nftbridge, between Ethereum and Cardano platform is an important innovation in blockchain world. It will allow uses and creators to enjoy their creations on newer 3rd generation network / blockchain.

Infact, a special series of new eco-friendly NFTs is already on verge of being launched on Cardano blockchain that will give developers and creators a taste of what’s coming.

For those who don’t know, Ethereum and Bitcoin together consume as much energy that is consumed by Oman and Columbia. On other hand, Cardano is much greener, consuming energy equivalent of a family home. Transactions are also confirmed much faster on Cardano and that too, at much cheaper costs.