SushiSwap CEO sells off SUSHI tokens and takes out 38011 Ethereum

Anonymous founder of Sushi Swap has sold off all of SUSHI tokens. He took out a total of 38011.32 ethereum by swapping SUSHI tokens for ether.

sushi swap exit scams

This has hurt SUSHI tokens in a negative way since just few days back Binance cryptocurrency exchange listed this Ethereum token.

SushiSwap’s anonymous CEO says he sold the tokens that were assigned to him. He denies exit scamming saying that he will continue to participate in the discussion and help with technical part of migration.

He did not waste the opportunity to mention Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin which he claims sold the top in 2017 by telling his community to hold while he dumped his share of Litecoin. Some say that Charlie Lee deserved all that money by selling the top of Litecoin for his decade of work, which is a lot compared to anonymous Sushi Swap CEO that created this Ethereum token just two weeks back.

Also, Litecoin is a reputable coin and did an all-time-high where everyone holding Litecoin made money, including Charlie Lee.

Sushi Swap CEO believes he deserved the Ethereum for his contributions and migration code. He also did the audits and coordinated the largest liquidity pools.