CoinBene Exchange Warning–CoinBene stops withdrawals, exit scam soon?

coinbene exit scam

Is CoinBene cryptocurrency exchange on the verge of doing a massive exit scam? Reports are popping up that CoinBene has halted all withdrawals on the exchange. More than 100 million dollars worth of users’ funds are being kept as hostage and CoinBene is mum about them.

However, few days back, one the admins of CoinBene’s telegram spilled the beans and told the truth.

He said,

Warning! Many CoinBene users have been locked out of their accounts and cannot withdraw money. Every should stay away from this exchange. I contacted support in the app and they told I had to deposit 3136 dollars to unlock my account. They kept scamming me one more time. This action is a scam.

A lot of angry CoinBene users have taken to twitter for complaining about the stucked withdrawals just like Instant Bitex but the CoinBene team is doing its best in marking them as spam. Instant Bitex too is not processing withdrawals.

Here are few comments that we found in CoinBene’s twitter timeline.

Who cares ?!  When will you finally open deposits and withdrawals for ALL coins you list ? After more than 6 months ? You should be deeply ashamed about your lack of transparency.

Where are my $udoo tokens? I have been unable to withdraw or trade them due to ‘maintenance’ since March! You are a disgrace.

You, #coinbene are a disgrace for the whole crypto space, give us back our coins or make a public statement that you dont posses the coins anymore after your sh*t exchange was hacked

YouTuber ThatMartiniGuy also recently posted a video about this.