Routefire team joins Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange

Routefire has made an announcement on their official twitter account that their team will be joining Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange and continue to develop their excellent execution services for digital assets.

routefire coinbase

Routefire is premium trade execution infrastructure provider. They offer industry leading smart order routing and execution algorithms.

Routefire has also announced that they will be discontinuing all of their services and their entire team will start working on Coinbase institutional products to provide end-to-end solution to meet Coinbase’s customer needs. This way they will still be committed to cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Routefire will be a huge asset for Coinbase as they have been constantly filling more than 1M dollar orders at 50 bps speed. Hopefully, this will resolve their “500 server” error that if often seen on Coinbase app and website during periods of high bitcoin volatility.

Not only coinbase, but binance, kraken and many other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges went offline. One user said on twitter, “They cheat us.  As soon as there are large movements, coinbase stops working.”

Another user said, “Always down when it matters. It seems like Coinbase does this on purpose during bull runs to benefit big holders.”