Coinbase Pro experiencing latency issues

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro is experiencing severe latency issues which are impacting order entry and settlement. At time of writing of this article, Coinbase Pro has been down from past two hours which is inexcusable.

coinbase pro latency

Two minutes or even 20 minutes maintenance is understandable but two hours in a cryptocurrency market is bizarre since it is a 24/7 market. Many users are also complaining about deposits never arriving on Coinbase Pro even after transferring bitcoin from the blue Coinbase app to Pro app.

I can’t see my USD deposit from yesterday, yet I see it on my deposits history. PLEASE HELP

Same here! My USDC is nowhere to be found.

Another user said this, “I just started trading 1 week ago and you all have been a horrible experience so far.  I have never traded in my life is it always this complicated?  I can’t cancel a pending order from last night so now I can’t even trade this morning. What is going on?

And some users say that sell orders are being executed but not the buy orders. These users are getting insufficient funds error even though they have unused balance on their Coinbase Pro account. This is something one does not expects from a Pro exchange.

And one user said, “You have possibly the best brand in crypto, the worst service up time and the most fees.