Coinbase Custody adds NuCypher, Curve, Ren, WBTC, TBTC, DFI Money

Coinbase Custody has added support for five new Ethereum tokens on its portfolio. This includes NuCypher (NU), Curve (CRV), REN (REN), wBTC (WBTC), tBTC (TBTC), and DFI Money (YFII).

coinbase custody

Two tokens out of these five are Bitcoin stablecoins whose contracts are deployed on Ethereum blockchain.

Find more information on coinbase’s custody page. Keep in mind a normal consumer who has access to blue Coinbase app, cannot invest in assets available on custody.

However, once a crypto asset becomes available on Coinbase Custody, there is a big chance that it will made available on normal, blue Coinbase app as well. For instance, last year, OmiseGo token was added to Coinbase Custody and then, in middle of this year, OmiseGo was added to blue Coinbase app as well.

There is no guarantee though as there have been many assets that have made their way to Coinbase Custody but are yet to made available on Coinbase app. So, it can take a while when NuCypher (NU), Curve (CRV), REN (REN), wBTC (WBTC), tBTC (TBTC), and DFI Money (YFII) tokens become available on usual coinbase app.