Qtum Core Wallet can now be run on Raspberry Pi 4B – Qtum Node on Raspberry Tutorial

Raspberry Pi 4B is a single board computer and now, you can run full fledge Qtum Core wallet on it. This will allow you to run full Qtum node while consuming very little amount of electricity.

run qtum core wallet on raspberry pi

A lot of users prefer using Raspberry Pi 4B since takes almost no space and can run full Qtum node without a hitch.

Since Raspberry Pi 4B only supports Linux operating system, you would have to have an ARM-supported Linux OS. You can download and install the preassembled Raspberry Pi 4B images from following links. We suggest you use a high capacity micro SD card that has enough free space.

Raspberry Pi 4B specifications include single core 700MHz processor and 1GB RAM.

Download and extract tar file and then run the Core wallet either via UI or CLI.

Qtum Raspbian (Recommended for Raspberry Pi 2 to Raspberry Pi 4B)



Qtum Pi Zero (Recommended for Raspberry Pi 1 and Pi Zero)



You can either run the full version or the CLI version that supports commands only.

Just keep in mind that it may take a while to download entire blockchain as it runs into many gigabytes.