Qtum iPhone app available for download: Qtum iWatch app

qtum iphone download

Official Qtum mobile wallet application has been released. This makes Qtum the world’s first smart-contract capable mobile wallet. This means you will be able to make smart contracts on the move. Of course, you will be able to send and receive Qtum – just like other crypto currency wallets. It makes use of the iPhone’s touch ID feature to keep the funds secure and also allows faster access. It is much faster to swipe your thumb than enter the PIN.

Option to login using PIN is also possible. There are two themes – white and dark. Upon the first start, you can create a new wallet or restore one.

Qtum developer team has also integrated iWatch functionality so you will be able to keep a track of your Qtum balance, your address and transaction history right from your smartwatch.

qtum iwatch wallet

There is news section as well that lets you stay abreast with the latest updates and important news, straight from the Qtum team. There are two language options – English and Traditional Chinese. Here is full list of supported actions:

* My Wallet
* Receive
* Send
* Profile
* Language
* Change PIN
* Wallet Backup
* Touch ID
* Smart contracts
* Token subscriptions
* About
* Switch application theme
* Log out
* News
* Send