PivX Q4 2017 Plan and Upcoming Updates

pivx coin updates 2017

PivX team has released their roadmap for the quarter 2017. This includes new android wallet update; zerocoin protocol implementation; iOS wallet and multi signature integration in wallet.

The android PivX app was released last month and works like a charm but there are some bugs here and there that will be ironed out with this upcoming update. Zerocoin privacy protocol will finally be implemented as well which will definitely boost its demand and price by a long shot.

PivX will be utilizing the vetted and academically verified Zerocoin Protocol in a manner that will require all transactions on the PIVX network to utilize this protocol. Increasing the security and fungibility of PIVX as time moves on.

People have been asking for iOS wallet for PivX from quite sometime now but it is hard to get a cryto coin wallet approved on Apple store. But if the PivX is able to pull this off, price will shoot through the roof, just like it did for Dash.

It took Dash whopping 8-9 months to get their wallet approved so it will be interesting to see if PivX team is able to get it approved at first attempt. Stay tuned for more PivX updates.