Flash loan attack worth $7M on Value DeFi

Just 13 Hours Ago, Value DeFi called itself “the most secured and advanced piece of technology in the DeFi space”. Fast forward 10 Hours later and it was flash loan attacked for $7 million.

Value defi hack
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Grin blockchain experiencing 51-percent attack

A 51 percent attack allows the attacker to reorganize the blocks in blockchain and that is exactly what is happening with the Grin blockchain right now. As you see in above image, an unknown miner has taken over 57 percent of total hashrate.

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TabTrader for Windows PC to be released soon

Download TabTrader for Windows PC - Tab Trader desktop app

Popular price tracking and charting app, TabTrader has tweeted that its developers are working on a standalone PC version. This news was released when Bitcoin crossed 15,000 dollars mark. We hope to see a beta version of this windows version before it is available to the public. TabTrader is already available for iOS and Android. It allows traders to chart their favorite altcoins on the move.

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Bitcoin wallet with 69,000 bitcoins cracked

There is a bitcoin wallet with whopping 69000 bitcoins, and equal amount of bitcoin cash, bitcoin SV and bitcoin gold. It is a dat file whose password has been lost so there was no way to access those bitcoins, until now. Someone was able to crack the password of this bitcoin wallet and spend 1 billion dollars that were inside it. Yes, the person behind this wallet is now a billionaire.

69000 bitcoins
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