Solana hack and Phantom wallet relation

Solana hack and Phantom wallet

A lot of users that used Phantom wallet or their Chrome extension suffered the most from the recent Solana hack. In this hack, millions of NFTs, Solana’s SOL coins, SPL tokens and stablecoins were stolen. A lot of users that lost wealth in this hack interacted with both mobile and desktop (chrome extension) variants of Phantom wallet.


Sri Lanka does not want citizens to use bitcoin

Sri Lanka is under extreme economic pressure as it has less than $25 million foreign reserves left. Today, the so-called Sri Lankan government has announced that the citizens should not use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to go around the restrictions and regulations. The regular citizens are not banned from sending USD or any other foreign currencies outside Sri Lanka.

sri lanka bitcoin

Litecoin Mimble Wimble deposits and withdrawals not supported by Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Mimble Wimble technology is incredible. It hides the sender’s address and lets you send secretly send Litecoin transactions without revealing transaction data. In order to remain compliant, many cryptocurrency exchanges have started either delisting Litecoin altogether or have asked users not to send any LTC using Mimble Wimble (MW) technology.

Litecoin Mimble Wimble

Maker DAO vault paid 65000 in Ethereum to pay off debt


In recent news, a Maker DAO vault had to pay whopping 65,000 in Ethereum cryptocurrency just to pay off its debt and decrease their risk. All this has profited 150,000 dollars in fees to The Ethereum was sold at an average price of 1155 dollars, which is considerably lower than Ethereum’s current price of ~$1350. Here’s the screenshot of vault history.