MANTA team dumping tokens for Ethereum

Few days back, Binance launched MANTA project that got a lot of attention as-well-as volume. Their Korean community questioned people behind MANTA

MANTA team dumping tokens for Ethereum

Their Korean BD, Sumeley sold more than 2-million MANTA tokens within five minutes of listing on Binance and withdrew 2094 Ethereum and transferred it to its his personal wallet. 

Their team responded it has already allocated a part of ecosystem / community funds to Korean BD based on their token economics model. 

We believe their actions should be investigated and punished by cryptocurrency exchanges that have listed them. If no investigation happens, things like these will continue to happen again. 

manta team

It is interesting to note that MANTA was not a new project and team was never dedicated to build value but to pump their own pockets exclusively. In 2021, they were looking for ambassadors then big nothing, no coins, no program. Now they emerge to capture part of the uprising wave in crypto currency markets. 

So, yes, we want their actions to be investigated so that more people do not waste their hard earned money on this.