How Safe is Blockchain Technology in Virtual Casinos and Sportsbooks?

Blockchain technology helps online casinos and sportsbooks provide players with better security and provably fair gameplay. The house has a minimal advantage, but even a tiny percentage can alter a player’s odds when playing online casino games. Blockchain uses smart contracts to prevent outside regulators from tracing the ledger’s transactions. Virtual casinos and sportsbooks aren’t the only digital industry receiving a boost from blockchain’s functional features as the technology moves into the mainstream. Since its inception, blockchain has promised to be unhackable, but several critics remain skeptical. The casino industry banks its success on guaranteeing fair gameplay in a secure environment.

Blockchain technology
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Binance Withdrawal Limit reduced to 0.05 BTC for non KYC users

Binance has not made it official but withdrawal limit for many non KYC users has been reduced to mere 0.05 BTC which is around 3000 dollars at time of this writing. While 0.05 BTC is enough for many new users who are just started investing in cryptocurrencies, it is way too low for old Binance users who enjoyed 2 BTC limit without doing any sort of KYC. 

binance withdrawal limit reduced
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EasyFi team moves 3 million locked tokens to dump on investors

Earlier today, close to 3 million EASY tokens were unlocked and moved from their two team funds. Clearly, shady things are happening here as circulating supply of EasyFi was just 2.5 million yesterday unlocking tokens that were supposed to remain locked for now is not ethical.

easy coinmarketcap
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