How to download Binance app in India

It is a wide known fact now that Indian government has banned access to the website and ordered Google Play Store and iOS AppStore to remove the Binance as-well-as other popular cryptocurrency exchanges’ applications. But, there is the interesting part – Indian government, so far, has not been able to block access to Binance.

How to download Binance app in India

In other words, if you already have Binance application installed on your android or iPhone, you can still trade normally. However, it is important to get latest updates.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to download Binance on android phone. Apple iPhone users are completely out of luck unless they jailbreak and sideload ipa files.

Step 1 – Download TOR browser from playstore. Make sure you’re on a good WiFi network.

Step 2 – Copy and paste this direct download link inside TOR browser. This is for downloading APK of Binance app. This will start downloading and it will take time since you are downloading file using a different IP address. If this does not work, download from apkpure, which is also a safe site.

Step 3 – Open the downloaded APK and overwrite existing Binance app to upgrade to latest version. If this is a fresh install, make sure you follow onscreen instructions such as allowing 3rd party apps to be installed on your android phone.

Step 4 – Enjoy and trade on Binance.

Also, Binance desktop app for windows and mac is working just fine. So, instead of opening, you can use the official Binance desktop app.

While there are plenty of third party websites that offer APK of Binance app, we prefer using official Binance website to avoid infected file or loss of funds.

You can use these steps for other apps as well. Just make sure you are downloading from official website.