OmiseGO eWallet 1.1 to hit release candidate soon

omisego ewallet

OmiseGO team has released an update about the much awaited eWallet 1.1. The team says it is dealing with only last minute bugs now and final release of 1.1 is under way. It adds that it will be keeping it as a release candidate until they are satisfied they are putting out a fully-tested version of the eWallet.

Github progress page of eWallet shows 96 percent complete.

The eWallet is extremely important for the OmiseGO infrastructure as it provides an access point for service providers to connect to OMG network without making an app or integration from scratch.

Here is list of improvements and bug fixes since the last update of OmiseGO eWallet.

Allow the retrieval of balances for multiple wallets from local ledger #629

E2E (end to end) storage setup #637

Increase asynchronous tests and test coverage #630 #643

Add Dialyzer in build steps #650

Refactored URL Dispatcher and server tasks #656

Improved Slack notifications #659

Updated stale documentation #662

Better handling for export failures #663

Refactored config command to prevent double-argv parsing #665

Bug fixes:
Added missing `redirect_url` parameter for `me.update_email` doc endpoint #638

Fixed {:error, noent} error in EWalletConfig.Storage.LocalTest #641

Handle Goth supervisor properly (start/stop when needed) #642

Fixed json validation for configuration #644

Moved InvalidDateFormatError from EWallet.Errors to Utils.Errors #646

Fixed error 500 when updating an email with an invalid email format #648

Fixed a race condition while testing for simultaneous transfers on an insufficient fund #654

Exclude soft-deleted API keys from /api_key.all #658

Fixed test factory inserting roles with conflicting priorities #669

Minor fix for user email update #670

Corrected some bad grammar and typos within the application #671

Changed Mix.env() to Application.get_env(:ewallet, :env) #675