Neo Super (NEOX) was a scam

Back in month of October, we covered about this upcoming so-called Neo hard fork called Neo Super. Neo Super team said snapshot of Neo will take place on November 10th 2018 and every user will get NEOX in 2:1.

The team did release a wallet couple of days back to allow people claim the NEOX. This wallet required users to enter their private key. Just after one day, we heard people losing their funds on the official telegram and twitter account.


One poor soul lost 115 Neo and here is the screenshot that he posted on Neo Super’s twitter.

While the Neo Super claims to be from France, we suspect them to be Russian as many Russians were posting links to NeoX wallet on twitter.

neo super telegram

Neo Super team has also removed profile picture from their twitter account and has renamed to gibberish characters. The team is missing in action and has robbed many.

Neo’s official account had already warned users that Neo Super was a scam and that Neo cannot be forked.