NavPay 4.4.0 available for download, solves various issues

navcoin 4 4 download

If you were having issues with the NavPay, you will be glad to know that those have been resolved with the new updates to the wallet and backend server that come with the NavPay 4.4.0. Ever since the community fund was activated, folks using NavPay wallet had been facing issues while sending transactions.

Those issues are things of past and NavPay is working like a charm.

NEXT wallet, which supports Navcoin and host of other coins now supports voting on proposals submitted to the Community Fund. In this video, Craig from Core team explains how to vote on proposals in the NavCoin Community Fund.

Also, Bootstrapping is enabled again that lets you download the entire Navcoin blockchain much faster. This is made available via AWS and until now, there was a temporary error that has been removed.

Community Fund proposals

Folks at Guerrilla Gang made their first appearance on the Collab website. They will be working to increase awareness of the Navcoin.

Other amazing proposals include printing out NavCoin stickers that will be distributed among NavCoin community members – all for free.