NEXT wallet v1.0.4 adds supports for LTC, PIVX, DASH, CROWN, VIA, PARTICL,PHORE

next wallet 1.0.4

Remember the NEXT wallet that we mentioned couple of months back? Well, its developer has updated it and has added support for many other cryptocurrencies that include Litecoin, PivX, Dash, Crown, Viacoin, Particl and Phore. Available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux operating systems, the NEXT is a lite wallet that lets you manage your funds without downloading entire blockchain. There is full node option available as well that lets you stake PoS coins and earn the stake – just like the Core wallet. 

Here is a run down of the release notes:

Added Setup for first usage.
Added Multi Asset/Coin support.
Added “coins.json” file for dynamically list supported assets.
Added In-Wallet asset switch dropdown list.
Added “Update Preferences” to Settings.
Added “Notification Preferences” to Settings.
Added auto download/update feature for daemon binaries.
Added custom drawn notification window.
Added custom menu background color setting to coins.json file for each asset.
Added OpenAlias support for NavCoin.
Added tooltips to labels in Overview page.
Changed Peer List Received/Sent from byte to MB.
Fixed QR Code prefix.

You can download the wallet from here There is also an online demo available that lets you try its features without downloading one.