Navcoin NEXT 1.0.2 Alpha Released, brings many new features

navcoin next

Navcoin NEXT is a complete redesign of the current wallet which not only looks much sleeker than the current wallet but also offers more features. Current wallet is a fork of original bitcoin wallet but NEXT looks totally different. Today, v1.0.2 Alpha was released which bought a slew of new features over the previous release.

The Navcoin NEXT is still in Alpha so be prepare to encounter bugs here and there. You can download the wallet from here and I personally love the store section which is made for merchants and news section that lets you stay updated with Navcoin updates.

Another amazing feature is the ability to run the wallet in Lite mode, which means no need to download entire blockchain. You will not be able to do staking while running the wallet under Lite mode though.

Navcoin NEXT Wallet glimpse from HTML Ecosystem on Vimeo.

Here is the complete changelog of the current release of Navcoin NEXT.

Added “Store” section for merchants.
Added “Staking Report” section.
Added “Console” section.
Added “NavCoin Daemon Logs” section.
Added “Peer List” section.
Added “Soft Forks” section.
Added “NavCoin Accepted Here” section.
Added “Instant Network Switch” button to easily change network between mainnet/testnet/devnet.
Added “Open Data Folder” button to Settings.
Added “Configuration File Editor” to Settings.
Added “Show Master Private Key” button to Settings.
Added “Sign Message” to Settings.
Added “Verify Message” to Settings.
Added “Table View” button to Community Proposals section.
Added “Search” button to Community Proposals section.
Added “Proposals by Status” information box to Community Proposals section.
Added “Payment Request List” for each proposal in Community Proposals section.
Added “Direct Donate” button for accepted proposals.
Added “Create Payment Request” button to “My Proposals” section for accepted proposals.
Added “Total Donation Amount” and “Number of Donors” info to Community Proposals section.
Added transfer type filter to Transactions section.
Added “Hide zero balances” button to Receive section.
Added “Private Payment/Anonymous Send” option to Send section.
Added CoinMarketCap actual data for NavCoin.
Added “Auto Update” feature for application.
Added “Context Menu”.
Added “Owner/Team Members”, “Web Site URL”, “Contact E-mail”, “Proposal Short Description”,”Proposal Long Description” fields to “Create Proposal” section.
Upgraded NavCoin Daemon version to “v4.2.0-cold-staking”.
Redesigned “News” section.