NavCoin Core 4.5.0 released, upgrades protocol and introduces Static rewards

NavCoin Core 4.5.0 is now available for download. Key features in this release include the cold staking and static rewards soft forks, as well as a community fund interface in the NavCoin core wallet.

NavCoin Core 4.5.0

The wallet will vote this Protocol Upgrade with YES by default. Here are the feature of the Cold Staking Protocol Upgrade included in this Navcoin v4.5 release.

* Adds support for Cold Staking Addresses.
* Signaled by version bit 3.
* Adds new RPC command getcoldstakingaddress.
* Wizard to create Cold Staking Addresses in the Receiving tab of the wallet.
* Updates several RPC commands to provide results relating to Cold Staking.
* Adds new RPC tests to test Cold Staking Address creation and use.
* Added a ‘Cold Staking’ balance display to the wallet GUI.

If you wish to reject this protocol upgrade, make sure to add the following line to your navcoin.conf file: rejectversionbit=3.

To accept this Protocol Upgrade, add the following line to your navcoin.conf file: acceptversionbit=17.

By default the wallet votes yes for the Protocol Upgrades included in the wallet. To manually vote yes for a version bit add the following to your navcoin.conf file: acceptversionbit=17.

Also included in this release is Static rewards protocol upgrade which changes the NavCoin Staking block reward to a fixed amount of 2 NAV per block. 

Download from here –