NavCoin Core v4.3.0 released, brings OpenAlias-ready domains to NavCoin addresses


Navcoin team has churned out v4.3.0 and one of the major changes this core wallet brings is support for OpenAlias-ready domains to NavCoin addresses. This means you will be able to assign a user friendly and more memorable name to your Navcoin address. For instance, we assigned to our address. NavCoin OpenAlias makes use of DNSSEC to prevent MITM attacks on the alias.

Some of code for OpenAlias is taken from Monero’s implementation of it. However, there are some key differences that include:

* Prefix of the TXT entry is required to be set to oa1:nav
* The only parsed parameter is recipient_address
* NavCoin enforces by default the use of DNSSEC

You can register your alias here

Other features that are new to Navcoin Core v4.3.0 include support for bootstrapping. This allows you to download a copy of the blockchain in TAR format.

Another new feature is ability to toggle staking on the fly without restarting the client.

The wallet is now fully translated to Spanish and Italian.

* New gui tx status for orphans
* Remove BIGNUM use
* ZeroMQ Windows Patch
* Updates secp256k1 Lib

Download the latest version from here.