LocalCrypto adds Litecoin on their non customer P2P exchange

localcryptos litecoin

Litecoin cryptocurrency has been added on LocalCrypto portal, which is most popular non-custodial P2P crypto marketplace. To celebrate the launch of Litecoin, LocalCrypto has removed their trading fee and it is now 0 percent for first three days.

So, from June 16-June 18 2020, buying and selling LTC on LocalCryptos is free.

LocalCrypto developers did not have to do any major changes on their portal to port their non custodial BTC escrow script. This is because codebase of Bitcoin and Litecoin are very much similar.

Wallets used on LocalCryptos are segwit enabled and this means you pay less fees when sending and receiving Litecoin on this portal. Not to mention since the wallets are self custodial that give users full access to private keys.

Litecoin is often referred to silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It is often praised for its fast and reliable technology that has not gone down since its launch.

LocalCryptos has also hinted that another new cryptocurrency to their website but they have confirmed that it is definitely not Dogecoin. They have also confirmed that the currency will be revealed on June 29 2020.