Litecoin added to BRD wallet

Litecoin is now supported on BRD wallet. This will allow BRD users to send, receive, buy and trade litecoin directly from their wallet. Available for both iOS and Android, BRD wallet is experiencing amazing growth  in latin america, Africa and India. 

litecoin brd wallet

So, why was Litecoin added to BRD wallet? They did a poll among their users which cryptocurrency is their preferred mode of payment and the answer was Litecoin. 

That said, Bitcoin is the still the choice for storing value, especially in places like Argentina, a Latin American country, where there is high inflation. However, bitcoin has high fees and takes somewhere between 0.5-1 hour to complete its transaction. Nobody wants to wait for that long or pay such high fees and this where Litecoin shines. 

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin network has never been hacked or stopped. It is oldest fork of Bitcoin and created by Charlie Lee. Litecoin had almost fair launch and can be mined using ASIC machines. 

It has faster block time of 2.5 minutes which is much smaller than Bitcoin’s 10 minutes block time. Supply is capped to 84M compared to 21M cap of bitcoin. This explains its lower price. 

Litecoin is accepted almost everywhere Bitcoin is accepted and this is why, LTC is a valuable addition to BRD wallet.