Poly Network hacked due to vulnerability between contract calls

poly network hack

Poly Network has been hacked and its team is literally begging hackers to return the funds. It is being touted as biggest DeFi hack in history, which is why in an open letter to hackers, they are asking hackers to contact poly network team to return the money.

They believe money belongs to people using the network and it is also a major economic crime which can result in legal action. This is funny since it is a DeFi hack and not a CEX exchange like Livecoin exchange that was hacked in later part of 2020.

We found their letter to hacker very amusing since they start their letter with Dear Hacker. Interestingly, hacker has sent a message in a message on Ethereum network, saying it would have been a billion dollar hack if they had moved remaining sh*tcoins. He saved the project. He added that he is not interested in money and is even considering returning some tokens back to the people.

Also, since a company by name of Certik audited their contracts, we urge other smart contract developers to not use this very company for auditing the contracts.

This has been confirmed by folks at Wu Blockchain, “The protocol audit of Poly Network is done by NCC Group; the audit of Ethereum smart contract on Poly Network is done by Certik.”