imToken 2.5.5 update brings many improvements

ImToken is one of most popular Ethereum wallets out there. Today, their team has rolled out imToken 2.5.5 that brings plethora of improvements over previous versions.

imtoken 2.5.5

GasStation pays your transaction fee with USDT – For instance, you have a new wallet with 10 USDT but no ETH. Well, you can make imToken use your ETH and uses Tokenlon DEX to convert your USDT as payment. More tokens will be added in soon. Keep in mind that a small fee applies for doing the conversion.

Safety vest ERC20 approval editor: View & edit token allowances – DApps often ask for authorization of unlimited amounts of ERC20 tokens which can leave you exposed to DApp security vulnerabilities. This big update in imToken lets you set a lower ERC20 token allowance for whenever a DApp wants your approval.

Other than that, there are many performance optimizations in this release which makes v2.5.5 noticeably smoother than earlier versions.

ImToken is available for download for both android and iOS users. Make sure to download them from Do not search on app stores as there may be phishing apps out there that can steal your etheruem and tokens. Use links given on official website, to download / update imToken.