How to Receive Bitcoin (BTC) Anonymously as a Freelancer

Are you thinking of ways to receive Bitcoin anonymously as a freelancer? This post will give you the most reliable information that will enable you to accomplish that.

receive bitcoin anonymously

Freelancing has given a lot of people the freedom they desire by enabling them to work at their own paces and even work remotely.

However, working as a freelancer could have some limitations in terms of getting paid especially if either the employer or freelancer is in a jurisdiction that places limitations on a specific payment method.

This is why Bitcoin has been a source of relief for many that have encountered the challenges posed by financial restriction.

There are times you may want to receive Bitcoin anonymously as a freelancer. This has been a challenge to many having realized that Bitcoin even though universal is not a privacy coin.

This means that every Bitcoin transaction can be traced back to the users with a careful blockchain analysis. We are also aware that with the standard KYC applied by most exchanges, users essentially lose all forms of privacy while using bitcoins.

You may also be aware that simple blockchain analysis could track coins on the Bitcoin network. The fact that we are all increasingly finding it difficult for us to retain our privacy is one reason you should receive your freelance payments anonymously.

This is why Bitcoin tumbler has been very useful in the quest to anonymize Bitcoin transactions.

Basically, what a bitcoin mixing serviced does is dissociate the history of the coin you’re receiving making it more private. You can accomplish this by sending newly received coins the receiving address of the blending service.

As a freelancer, for you to receive bitcoins anonymously, use a bitcoin mixing service such as The platform receives coins, mixes them and sends to a new wallet that you provided. So sending the coins you want to mix to the bitcoin blender will obliterate its history. Then send the mixed coins to another wallet that people cannot associate with you.

This way, you’ll be able to keep your end point Bitcoin address a secret, especially if you have large amount of funds kept in it. No one likes prying eyes looking into their bank statements. The same should apply to your Bitcoin wallet since you deserve privacy in your endeavors.