KYC mandatory on CEX .io exchange

CEX has talked about KYC before and today, the exchange has made it official that mandatory verification is required if you are buying something off the exchange. If you have already verified, you are safe but if you have not done KYC, you will no longer be able to trade on website. However, the exchange does allow you to withdraw your cryptocurrency assets to different wallet.

This “mandatory verification email” is being sent out to every registered user.

We previously notified you that verification would become mandatory on CEX.IO. This requirement has already come into effect, and all unverified users now have to pass verification to continue using CEX.IO.

Our top priority is ensuring a safe trading environment for our users. That’s why we follow Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines and have designed effective compliance procedures in line with standards in the financial industry.

User verification helps us to deliver a trustworthy service. So if you haven’t verified your account yet, be sure to do so and get access to wire transfers and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.
Unless you verify your account, you will only be able to withdraw your funds. You won’t be able to trade.

Here is link to the guide that give you all the details about their new updated verification feature.