Blockchain Tycoon review – Cryptocurrency Mining game

Blockchain Tycoon is a simulation game where you setup your own cryptocurrency mining business by buying warehouses around the world. Available on steam platform for $10, you play the role of mine farm owner who wants to create biggest mining farms on the planet. The goal is to expand and stay profitable.

blockchain tycoon

You start out as small and slowly – you grow your business by buying more cryptocurrency mining machines and warehouses. You get option to either go for more powerful ASIC machines or you can do GPU mining, which is cheaper but then, you get less hashrate too. 

You can always upgrade your hardware, cooling systems and even racks where you place the ASIC and GPU mining rigs. Sounds fun!

At the same time, you need to keep an eye on the market cap and prices of bitcoin (ASIC mining) and ethereum (GPU mining) so that you are profitable. You can use the profits to pay monthly electricity bills and buy new equipments, machines and warehouses.

The developer has been very active and can be observed many updates for the game. He is actually listening to criticism and improving the game as required. For instance, he recently released Alpha 3.3 that improves the research tree.

I feel that the game can do much better by making its debut on android and iOS. Graphics too can be improved. Also, it would not hurt to decrease the price a bit so that more can give it a spin.