Navcoin, Ethereum Classic, PundiX pairs removed from Binance

binance navcoin npxs

Binance has decided to remove certain trading pairs of Navcoin (nav), Ethereum Classic (etc) and PundiX (npxs). The decision behind this is lack of liquidity.

Following trading pairs are affected – ETC/USDC, NPXS/USDC, NAV/ETH, NAV/BNB, SNGLS/ETH.

The hardest hit has been NPXS, i.e, PundiX whose BTC pair was removed as well couple of months back. But back then, the pair was removed due to its low sat price which resulted in wild price fluctuations.

Binance has removed and ceased trading on the aforementioned trading pairs at 2019/11/15 8:00 AM (UTC). 

Any pending orders, including Limit Sell orders for affected pairs have automatically been cancelled. 

Navcoin now has only one trading pair on Binance – nav/btc. The users can still trade the above assets in other trading pairs that are available on Binance.