Ethereum Classic Difficulty Bomb Removal Hard fork date, free coins and details

Ethereum Classic Difficulty Bomb Removal Hard fork

Ethereum Classic is going to hard fork, again. However, this time, there will be no airdrops and so no free coins. This update is going to deal with the difficulty bomb that is set to make the ethereum classic mining non profitable. Removing the difficulty bomb will ensure that ETC is still profitable to mine. This will help keep the network strong as well.

The Ethereum Classic hard fork for difficulty bomb removal will be happening at block 5,900,000 that is supposed to be happening around May 24th 2018. If you do not run the full node, you do not need to do anything but if you do, you’ll need to upgrade to a minimum version of geth 5.0.0 or parity 1.9.3.

Upgrade node & client software – Parity > v1.9.3; Geth > v5.0.0 and Mantis > v1.1. Here are the download links.



Back in March 2018, Ethereum Classic did a hard fork and that gave us free Callisto coins but this time, no coins will be generated.