Was Open Ethereum responsible for 51% attack on Ethereum Classic?

On July 21st 2020, Open Ethereum team has decided to discontinue support for Ethereum Classic. This decision has been made in order to allow them to focus their development efforts on Ethereum Mainnet. They will focus our resources on one network to ensure the best quality in development, and they appreciate any fixes for issues on Ethereum Mainnet and related testnets.

open ethereum

Open Ethereum team wanted to encourage Ethereum Classic users to switch over to Multi-Geth. On behalf of the overall team, this decision was first and foremost one based on available internal developer resources.

They took over the OpenEthereum initiative primarily with the importance of client diversity on Ethereum in mind, which otherwise would have been at risk. The true attack on Ethereum Classic was the first off hostile takeover pushing good developers off chain and then following up with an abandonment and attack.


Back in July, Open Ethereum and MultiGeth announced deprecation of Ethereum Classic support. With those two clients still collectively share around 70% of the total Ethereum Classic network node count, this is a PSA to ask Ethereum Classic users to take appropriate actions.

Clearly, it appears that Open Ethereum was responsible for 51% attack on Ethereum Classic. Open Ethereum abandoned their chain without enough notice for Ethereum Classic community to replace the nodes and then ETC-chain was attacked twice this week.