Claim Callisto Airdrop using official Ethereum Classic Wallet

Claim callisto using ethereum classic wallet

Callisto blockchain is now live and it is now possible to see if you have received callisto airdrop or not. Each Ethereum Classic holder got Callisto at block height 5,500,000 in 1:1 ratio. So how do you check if you have received Callisto or not? The team has made Callisto testnet available on the official online Ethereum Classic wallet.

So you all have to do is visit the Ethereum Classic wallet’s website and switch to the Callisto testnet. Once the Callisto mainnet is launched, you will be able to transfer the Callisto tokens in/out of the Ethereum Classic wallet. If all you want is to check your Callisto balance, enter your Ethereum Classic address on Callisto’s explorer.

But till then, you can check Callisto balance. Once, you have switched to the callisto testnet, login using your etheruem classic private key/ledger or whatever suits you. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your callisto balance.

claim callisto ethereum classic

Again, you cannot transfer the Callisto to an exchange since the mainnet is yet to be launched. We have been told that it will be launched around April 15th 2018. After the mainnet is live, use the “Callisto mainnet” node on the Ethereum Classic wallet website to access your Callisto tokens.