EasyFi team performs token swap following contract code hack

easyfi token swap

Few days back, we pointed out how EasyFi team exploited their own wallet and minted 3 million EASY tokens out of thin air to dump on users. When caught, they said it was due to a flaw in their contract code. So today, the have churned out a new EASY V2 token called EZ. It is already being supported by Binance, Bilaxy, WazirX and Gate.io. 

Distribution of the new EASY V2 token – EZ – to the above-mentioned exchanges including the staking programs has now been completed. 

Please note that token swaps on exchanges will be done by them directly into the user wallets. EasyFi team is still in talks with Probit, HitBTC, Hotbit and Resfinex to do token swap for them. Their team is also waiting for some trade-related data for verification purposes before they proceed further and arrive at a decision. 

EasyFi team has requested them to expedite and cooperate, it may take a few more days. So, users of cryptocurrency exchanges that have not supported token swap will be able to trade EZ once the full reconciliation process is completed and announcements supporting the hard-fork & swaps have been done accordingly.

Distribution of new EASY V2 token, EZ to all eligible wallets has been completed as per the snapshot mentioned in previous announcements.