Red Pulse Token Swap–RPX to PHX token conversion details

red pulse token snapshot

Red Pulse team will be swapping the current RPX tokens with the PHX tokens as they will be launching an upgraded infrastructure called Phoenix. The token swap will be done around 6PM CST (UTC+8) on August 12 at the block 2608500 of Neo blockchain.

The snapshot will record the balances of RPX in all addresses at block 2608500, and on August 14, they will airdrop the new PHX token to these addresses according to the snapshot. RPX held on exchanges will be swapped automatically in the ratio of 1:1. So for every RPX token, you get one PHX.

During the time of swap, there will be no trading, deposits and withdrawals of RPX tokens. So simply send the tokens to a supported exchange to get the new PHX tokens.

Again, if you are holding RPX outside of an exchange, on your own wallet and address that you control, Red Pulse team will be airdropping PHX into your address. 

A snapshot will be taken of RPX balances at a specified NEO blockchain blockheight, sometime between August 12–13. On August 14, Red Pulse team will then airdrop 1 PHX for every 1 RPX you held at the time of the snapshot.