Claim SOS Airdrop, here is how to claim SOS tokens

SOS airdrop is underway and anyone can claim SOS tokens for free by following these steps. First, what are these SOS tokens? SOS claims to be the largest airdrop ever for the NFT community as it rewards users who have transacted over OpenSea website, the biggest portal for buying and selling NFT – non fungible tokens.

claim sos airdrop

Criteria for claiming for SOS tokens

Amount of free SOS tokens depend on money you have spent on OpenSea and this includes Ethereum, DAI and USDC spent there. All this multiplied by 0.7 and you get the number of tokens that you get as airdrop.

Number of transactions also matter. It is important to have some Ethereum in your metamask wallet to claim the airdrop and transfer SOS to your Ethereum wallet. You can claim these SOS tokens till June 30th 2022. If you do not claim SOS tokens, they will be sent back to DAO treasury.

How to claim SOS airdrop

Open in your web browser and connect with metamask wallet. Make sure you have selected the correct address in metamask with which you did transactions on OpenSea portal.

This also means it is possible to claim multiple times if you bought or sold NFTs using multiple accounts. Just import them in metamask, if there are not already imported and claim them on theopendao website.

Right now, there are 77 trillion SOS in circulation and more than 50% accounts have already claimed SOS airdrop.