BitGo delists BSV – Bitcoin SV no more on BitGo

BitGo has announced that they will be dropping support for BSV (bitcoin satoshi vision) on February 4 2020. So why that date you might ask. Well, BSV will be performing hard fork on that date and making changes to consensus that will make P2SH outputs invalid.

Since BitGo’s BSV wallets make use of P2SH addresses, it will render these wallets useless.

If you are a client of BitGo, contact them by sending email from registered address to to convert your BSV holdings to Bitcoin. Alternatively, move BSV funds to an external wallet.

You must do these steps before 4th of February otherwise you would not be able to send / receive BSV on BitGo. However, most functionality will be disabled after that very date.

Bitcoin SV supporters and enthusiasts are not very happy with this decision though. Calvin Ayre, for example, accused BitGo for asking 15 million dollars to support the fork. He would rather use funds to get other wallets to add support for BSV instead.

Some say that BitGo’s decision is incredibly short sighted and shows lack of understanding of new consensus. One user, however supports BitGo’s decision since P2SH breaks multisig which is a requirement for custody in some licensed jurisdictions.